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Our Mission
Tambunting Pawnshop is a leading financial service provider in the Philippine Pawnshop industry, in terms of quality appraisal, fair and competitive interest and prompt customer service.

We treat our employees as our No. 1 resource evidenced by an appropriate technical and supervisory training program, and the protection of the equality and dignity of human labor, as well as competitive compensation and benefits package for every employee.

We create lasting relationship of trust and confidence with clients and other business partners.

We continuously upgrade our business technology to ensure our commitment for fast and efficient customer and business relations.

We commit to providing our stockholders and business partners a fair and attractive return on their investment, and we welcome the challenges of the business environment as we stretch our capabilities towards sustainable long-term company growth.
Our Vision
Tambunting Pawnshop will be one of the top providers of financial services in the Pawnshop Industry of the country.

We shall develop and promote new business ventures and opportunities.

We will improve and upgrade our business technology base on latest standard.

We will hold ourselves responsible for the continued upliftment of employee morale by providing opportunities for personal, technical, professional development and by creating a atmosphere of integrity, cooperation and prosperity.

We will continue to challenge every employee to honesty, transparency and trustworthiness by recognizing employee learning achievement, business contributions and dedication to service.

We will keep the trust of our stockholders by giving them a fair and just return on their investment through the achievement of our strategic targets and goals.
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